Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Bare-Vulnerable-Damaged #MidWeekTease #asmsg Scores

Happy Hump Day and welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino in which we share teasers from our works-in-progress or published works.

It's been a great week so far for the Passion Shields series with some really fabulous reviews and feedback from readers.

There was this fantastic 4 star review for Scars. And I say 'fantastic' because of this phrase and more from the reviewer. "This is an author who knows what they are talking about when it comes to BDSM."
This left be gobsmacked because Scars was the first BDSM-lite story I ever wrote. So to get this kind of compliment just blew my mind. But, it's thanks to authors like Doris O'Connor, who read the original draft before it was submitted that made the BDSM elements feel authentic.

And of course this five stiletto review for Secrets just topped it all off. It's a long review but her summation of "...Kiru wrote one hell of a story...well written, engaging and quite realistic. Oh and the sexxy times? Hell, they were hot..." was the fab highlight for me.

So it's a good thing I'm writing the next installment, Scores, my current WIP. Here is the rough blurb:
His love possesses her. Will it protect her too?

Benjamin Moss has proven how much he cares about his wife Selina. She pushed him to shred his iron control and bare his soul to her. In return he's earned her much guarded heart as well as her body.

But their past has finally caught up with them and scores will have to be settled before they can have a happy ending. Can Benjamin's love protect her from those who seek to destroy both of them? Or will Selina finally lose the man who's possessed her body as well as her heart?

This scene continues on from Sunday's sexy snippet where Ben's displeasure with Selina was evident. Now Selina deals with the aftermath. It is a first draft and very rough, so please forgive any errors.

 Ben thrust into her several times, her pleasure building again. Just when she thought she would come. He withdrew, using his hand to finish himself off as warm cum coated her back.
His heat deserted her body as he stepped away. From the corner of her eye she saw him toss the handkerchief he used to wipe himself on the table. He straightened, packed up and closed the bag, entering the bedroom and leaving her outside.
She didn't move even though her body screamed for fulfilment. Orgasm denial was one of the worse punishments Ben had ever used on her. But nothing hit its mark more than intimacy deprivation.
Ben knew how much she loved the moments when he held her after sex, loved the connection of when they were joined together post-coital bliss. This morning he hadn't even shared the intimacy of kissing her or him coming inside her. As reprimand go, nothing else equaled its effectiveness.
Head bowed, her chin quivered, remorse a huge lump stuck in her throat.
It rammed home how truly upset he was with her for going against something he'd warned her from doing. He hated it when she thought her body was ugly. She should've known better than to give into her fears and voice them.
Now he'd left her outside with the sun slowly rising in the horizon. Anyone passing by across the river or on the bridge could see her. Bare. Vulnerable. Damaged. She couldn’t dare think the 'U' word again in case she said it out loud.
She should move. Go inside. Cover up. Instead, her grip on the railing tightened. No rope or chain restrained her. She stood there by her own volition. For once she wasn't worried about what those people would think. She didn't care about what they thought about her or her body.
The only person whose opinion truly mattered to her was inside their apartment and she'd upset him. Tears pooled in her eyes clouding her vision.
"You can come in now." His voice drifted out to her.

I hope you enjoyed it. Leave me a comment and remember to check out the other mid-week teasers.

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