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That was my life-hedonistic and narcissistic #MidWeekTease #asmsg

Happy Hump Day and welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino in which we share teasers from our works-in-progress or published works.

As this is going to be the last MWT from Scores for a while, at least until the book is out, I really struggled to choose a scene to share. Things are ramping up in the story as it races to its conclusion  and the characters are continually being tested.

I finally settled for this scene because it gives us a glimpse of Benjamin's state of mind in South Africa. He is back in his old life face with the people and demons he walked away from. And some of his past mistakes are coming back to bite him in the ass.

This is still very rough and a first draft. It is longer than I would normally post as a teaser but I hope you enjoy it.


"What the hell was all that about?" Selina asked as soon as they got back into the suite.
"That—" Ben pointed at the door they'd just walked through "—was my life. The life I walked away from. The life I didn't want you to see. That was the way I grew up, brash, hedonistic, a narcissist. I could do whatever I wanted. Take whomever I wanted."
He stopped pacing and faced her. She looked shocked at his outburst.
"This whole fucking mess is my doing—the resort, the rules. I fucking created a monster. And I thought it would just die when I walked away. Now look at it."
He waved his hands, feeling almost despondent.
"Ben, I don't understand what you're saying." She stood stock still.
"I mean that The Ranch is my creation. What you see, I designed. Sure this place has always existed in some form for hundreds of years but it was just a family home. The Moss's family home. But later I turned it into a holiday destination for the perverted."
He ran a hand through his hair, needing to dispel the rancorous energy coursing through his veins.
"I took Margo who was a sweet girl and turned her into a raving pain slut who would do anything for the lash of a whip."
"I can't imagine Margo ever being a sweet girl," Selina's tone was matter of fact.
"Perhaps sweet isn't the word. But I'm the one who made her the woman she is today. And Cordelia. I knew Lars was in love with her but she had a hot body and I had to have her. So I took her. That's the kind of man I am."
"No. You are not that man," Selina bit out. "Yes, you did some bad things in the past. But you were no more than a boy. It can be written off as youthful folly. I forgive you, Ben. You need to forgive yourself."
"How can I forgive myself when even Lars hasn't forgiven me? He will have you as revenge for Cordelia if I don't stop him."
"I'm sure he wasn't serious. He was probably just trying to goad you."
Ben gave a bark of laughter. "You don't know him. Why do you think he's joking?"
"For starters, I'm a grown woman capable of making my own choices. I will not be bartered like a chattel."
He did laugh this time but there was no humour in the harsh sound.
"You don't get it, do you? The normal rules do not apply at The Ranch. In here, the Ranch rules apply. You came here as a submissive, my submissive, even if you're not wearing my collar." He waved a hand at her neck, turning his face away. His gut churned at the idea there was no physical evidence she belonged to him. "You can't stay here."
"You're not really going to put me on the next plane back to London? I don't want to leave."
He looked at her sideways. Her forehead puckered with frown lines.
"You still don't get it. I will commit murder rather than have anyone touch you without my permission." He screwed up his face, his insides churning like he was possessed by a beast. "Hang on, you want him to fuck you, is that it?"
"Tell me the truth. You imagined him being inside you."
She bit her lip and look downward. He took a step to her.
"Selina?" he growled.
"Yes," she said in a low voice, out of breath.
"And it turned you on."
She bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut, her chest rising and falling rapidly.
The jealous beast reared its ugly head inside him, dark and dangerous.
"Strip and present yourself."
Her eyes flew open wide as she tried to read him.
Flinching, she pulled the dress over her head and folded it onto a table. Then she kicked off her sandals and put it beside the table. Lowering onto her knees, she spread her thighs wide, pushed out her chest and folded her hands behind her back.
He nearly groaned out loud at the sight of her uncovered and he was thankful he'd changed into a loose pair of linen trousers.
"Show me your pussy."
Hesitantly she reached down and spread her lower lips. As he suspected she glistened like the early morning sun reflected on the Eerste River.
"You are wet."
She hung her head forward, her mass of dark curls covering her face. "I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. It was just one brief moment when the two of you were arguing and I pictured the two of you dominating me. I'm sorry and ashamed of myself. If you decide to put me on that plane back, I'll go. It's probably for the best," she rambled in a strained voice.
Hearing her honesty unravelled him. He exhaled a shuddering breath and lowered his shaking body onto the sofa. What am I doing? They'd only being here a day and this whole place was messing with his head. Again.
"Come here," his voice sounded like he was sawing wood, his throat dry.
She stood and walked over to him. He patted his lap and she lowered her body onto him. He held her chin with his thumb and forefinger and stared into her brown eyes. Remorse reflected back at him. His chest tightened and he rested his forehead against hers.
"I never want you to be ashamed of your desires," he said through a raw throat as he fought to maintain his composure, to be the man she needed. "But I want you to always be honest with me about them."
Copyright (c) Kiru Taye 2014

How was that? Things don't get any easier for these two. They still have to negotiate a few more 'land mines' and 'explosions' before they get their happy ending. Leave me a comment.

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