Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Early morning sex for a cold Spring day #MidWeekTease Seven Sinful Secrets #asmsg

Welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by Sandra Bunino in which we share teasers from our work-in-progress or published book.

It's a cold Spring morning over here, so I've decided to raise the temperature a little with today's teaser. It is taken from my story, Sex Tape, in the 7 Sinful Secrets anthology. 

This scene explains itself. I hope you enjoy this teaser.


Ten days. That's how long Juan Roberto had been away from home. Away from his beautiful wife, Noni. It wasn't the longest period he'd been abroad. Still, it was the most consecutive days he'd been separated from her.
Now he was in a taxi heading for their house in Wimbledon, in the southwest of London. Ready to give Noni a surprise.
He pictured the last time he'd been with her. A chilly spring morning, he hadn't wanted to leave the warmth of her mocha-colored body or the embrace of her musky fragrance.
Noni had awoken to find his face buried between her legs, his mouth lavishing attention on her clit as he made it blossom with arousal before he drove his tongue into her wet slit. Her initial soft sighs had quickly transformed to full-on screams of ecstasy as she'd come apart, her body writhing uncontrollably.
Just that alone had turned his usual morning erection into a raging hard-on. He'd thrust into her slickness with such force he was in to the hilt in that one movement. Pausing to catch his breath and stop from spilling so quickly, he'd flipped her over. Then she had ridden him, her thighs clamped against his hips, her moans rising to cries of delight, his hands caressing her waist and back.
Oh, she had looked good. Sounded great. Felt fantastic.
Whenever she mounted his favorite Ducati superbike, he thought she was the sexiest thing on earth. But having her ride him like that topped it. She'd been smoking hot, the way her full breasts had bounced up and down, her skin glistening with sweat. When her head had tipped back exposing her delicate neck, he’d traced a crescent collar around the slender column using the tip of his tongue.
Each roll of her hip had made his dick swell further. He'd gripped her tighter and rammed up into her, controlling the pace. Her inside walls had contracted around him, milking him as she'd cried out again in orgasm. He'd held her, driving up faster and harder until he exploded inside her.
Those moments afterward, he'd held her head to his shoulders, his arms wrapped around her. Those were the best non-sexual moments, holding her while she listened to his racing heart settle back to its usual beats. Their early morning sex was made greater by those minutes.

Blurb for Sex Tape

Juan Roberto's unexpected arrival home turns on its head when he discovers his wife Noni has a mind-blowing surprise she's been hiding from him. Discovering secrets and sex tapes have never been hotter or more pleasurable…
Contains: a naughty video and an even naughtier married couple rediscovering each other.

 Overall Blurb:
 Seven marriages—seven sinful secrets.
 Marriages shouldn't have secrets, should they? Follow our seven couples, as they come to terms with the fact that their partner has been holding something back from them. Will it make or break their relationship? Read on to find out, and have your fan at the ready, because these secrets are hot!

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Do you want to talk about it? #MidWeekTease from Scores #asmsg

Welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by Sandra Bunino in which we share teasers from our work-in-progress or published book.

This week we're back with Benjamin and Selina in Scores, Passion Shield book 3, my current work-in-progress.

In this scene, Benjamin makes a startling revelation to Selina after finding out his sister compares herself to their mother.

I hope you enjoy this teaser.

Despite the tensions curling around his body, he lowered her into the chair and strode down the balcony cursing into the night. She'd never seen him issue a litany of expletives unrestrained before.

Taken aback, she sat still, her shoulders and back aching with tension.
Why was Ben reacting so explosively to the mention of his mother? She wanted to ask questions but remained silent, waiting for him to talk in his own time.
Back muscles rippled as he raised his hand and scrubbed his scalp, obviously agitated. Wanting to go to him and soothe his restlessness but knowing the best was to leave him for now, she restrained from reaching out to him.
After a few minutes of pacing, he returned to face her, his appearance calmer.
"Please forgive my language," he said in a low, rough tone that hinted at inner turmoil. "I didn't mean to be shock you."
"It's okay, Ben."
She stood up and he returned to the leather armchair.
"Can you tell me why you were so distressed?" she asked when she folded her body back onto his lap.
His chest pushed out as he drew in a long breath and puffed one out.
"My mother was an addict. She died of a drug overdose."
Head rocked backward with shock, she stared at him wide-eyed and her heart broke at the expression on his face.
"Oh, Ben." She turned her body and wrapped her arms around his torso, hugging him tight. "I can't imagine what that feels like. I'm so sorry."
He tucked his head on her shoulders and held on to her body. Seconds ticked away. Perhaps minutes. She lost track of time. The only sounds came from their slow beating hearts, entwining breaths and the occasional rumble of cars driving across the Chelsea Bridge.
Eventually, he lifted his head and stared down at her face. Torment returned to his obsidian eyes.
For the first time in their relationship, she witnessed her husband in pain. Usually he chased away the demons tormenting her and soothed her. Now, she wished to help him.
"Do you want to talk about it? I understand if you don't," she said, stroking his neck and shoulder in tentative brushes.

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Have I said anything that wasn't true? #MidWeekTease from Secrets #asmsg

Welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by Sandra Bunino in which we share teasers from our work-in-progress or published book.

This week I'm going to share a teaser from Secrets, Passion Shields book 2. In this scene, Benjamin and Selina are in the middle of an argument when she challenges him and he tells her some truths about herself she'd never openly admitted.

I always think the sign of a true soul mate is someone who can see beyond the barriers and facade we put up into our very soul.

I hope you enjoy this teaser.

"Have I said anything that wasn't true?"
A huge lump clogged her throat. Unable to speak, she shook her head turning her back to him, knowing that if she met his gaze, she would crumble into a heap on the floor.
"That's why we need the rules. To keep you safe. To stop the panic attacks. To help you cope with the fear eating away at you inside."
A sob tore through her chest. She gripped the edge of the counter and bent over to gulp in air, the truth of his word corroding her resolve. She had never admitted it to herself, but she needed the safety net their routines and rules provided. It allowed her to let go without trepidation, something she'd been unable to do for so long. While she smiled at the world and worked hard at being successful, inside she was ruled by terror. The fear of the unknown, of open spaces, of big crowds, of being attacked again.
At last she exhaled and opened her mouth to reply, but no words came out. She turned slowly letting him see the despair in her eyes. With a groan, he tugged her close and lowered his lips to meet hers, his arms circling her body in an encompassing hug.
Breaking off the kiss, he sighed and leaned his forehead against hers. She wanted to stay in his embrace, for him to carry her away into their room so they could be locked away from the world. So he could make right all that had gone wrong with today.

Here's the blurb

Her body is his to command, her heart his to win.

Selina Moss bared her body to her husband and allowed him to see her and touch her like no one else has ever done. When a member of the family visits, she realizes there is still so much about her husband she doesn't know.

Benjamin's remorse about his family history drives his actions. Selina is his present and he'll do whatever it takes to protect her from being contaminated by his past, including revealing the shame that burns his soul.

But for Selina, finding out about Benjamin's past means investing emotionally in a man who's only going to walk away once their temporary arrangement comes to an end. Is she ready to bare her heart to him along with the secrets of their past?

Adult content: Sex Toys and Spanking.
Available to buy from: Evernight Publishing | Amazon US | Amazon UK | All Romance eBooks | Bookstrand

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

She needed to get things right #MidWeekTease Scores #MWTease #asmsg

Welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by Sandra Bunino in which we share teasers from our work-in-progress or published book.

I'm taking a quick break from my editing cave to share this teaser with you. We are continuing with my current work-in-progress, Scores

This scene follows on from last week's teaser.

If you read Secrets, you'll know that Selina removed the bracelet Benjamin gave her on their wedding day. When she asked for it back, he refused. So while they are back together, all isn't well between them. She feels she has to earn his trust back. 

This is a first draft and unedited. I hope you enjoy it.

In the bedroom, Selina tossed her sequined purse on her dressing table and noted the opened sliding door leading to the balcony.
Warm breeze lifted the sheer voile and it flapped gently. This late at night or rather early in the morning very little noise came in from the outside. The scent of cigar floated in—a blend of tobacco and spice.
Sucking in a deep breath allowed the aroma to ground her in the present, to get her head out of the concern for Beatrice and focus on Benjamin instead.
Hand in hair, she unpinned the loose bun keeping her hair off her shoulders. 
And froze. 
Ben had instructed her to keep her shoes on. The implication? She shouldn't disturb her appearance without his permission.
Fumbling as she panicked, she reinserted the hairpin and patted her hair into place.
Phew! This wasn't the night to incur a demerit considering her husband's displeasure at Bea's drunkenness.
"Come to me," his low seductive voice wafted in the breeze.
Heat unfurled in her core and her insides clenched. A month ago she would've walked out there so fast in her eagerness to be with him.
Now, she stood still, shaky hand on her collar. Her bid to earn back the bracelet she'd tossed at him when she walked out on him. 
Lifting her other hand, she rubbed the empty space on her wrist as regrets weighed on her shoulders.
The past couldn't be changed. The future could be wonderful, if she would swallow her pride and be the woman he desired. The woman he saw in her.
She needed to get things right. First time. Not by making mistakes.
Was he testing her with an incomplete instruction? Did he want her crawling on her hands and knees?
"Walk, beauty." She heard the smile in his voice and exhaled in relief. He must have sensed her hesitation too. His uncanny ability to read her correctly always left her breathless.

Copyright Kiru Taye 2014

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