Wednesday, 28 May 2014

She is in capable hands or is she? #MidWeekTease #asmsg Scores

Happy Hump Day and welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino in which we share teasers from our works-in-progress or published works.

This week I bring you more from Scores, my current WIP. This scene introduces Beatrice's story coming up later in the Passion Shields series.
As we already discovered from previous snippets, Beatrice is a bit of a hell-raiser. And it seems Benjamin has found the perfect person to babysit his sister while they travel to South Africa.

It is a first draft and very rough, so please forgive any errors.


Selina relaxed into her first class seat, Benjamin seated next to her on the flight to Johannesburg. Now that they were on their way to his home country, the apprehension about the trip had risen again and was threatening to give her a headache.
What would the reception be from Benjamin's family? She already knew his uncle was not happy that they were married. Although they hadn't spoken about the man since her husband had revealed his past to her, she couldn’t help the growing sense of doom pervading her mind.
Best not to think about it.
"Do you think Beatrice will be okay?" she asked absently.
"She will be now that she's in capable hands," Ben replied flicking through the in-flight magazine.
Benjamin had shocked both Selina and his sister yesterday when he'd invited Kenny Cruz over to their home. Kenny was a member of the Moss Star Security team. But Selina had first met him a year ago in Bar Atlantic as club owner. In certain circles he was known as Master K, a strict practitioner of BDSM and disciplinarian.
Benjamin was strict but Master K was a whole other level. The dark-skinned giant of a man's presence demanded obedience.  Selina didn't cower easily before men but she would have to admit that she would never want to test the man's patience. She'd watched him wield a whip and that was enough to give her cold sweats.
She remembered coming home from a quick trip down to the shops to find Kenny in their living room with Ben. She hadn't been expecting the man. But considering he was a part of Moss Star and a good friend of Ben, there seemed nothing unusual until Ben had invited Beatrice into the room and explained the reason for Kenny visit.
"But isn't Kenny a little bit of a drastic option. Christopher would've kept an eye on her."
"Yes, but she knows how to wrap Chris around her fingers. He spoils her like a kid sister. Beatrice needs a firm hand and Kenny won't tolerate any misbehaviour from her."
Selina gasped. "You gave him permission to discipline her?" Beatrice was the same person who went bright red at the mention of spanking. "Your sister is as vanilla as they come."
"In which case, she'll behave herself if she doesn't want to find herself across his knees," Ben replied, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

Copyright Kiru Taye 2014

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