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No matter what happens don't look back #MidWeekTease #asmsg Scores

Welcome back to Mid-Week Tease here at the Passion Shields Series. After the craziness of preparing my latest book for publication and all the promo work involved, I'm so glad to be back writing again.

And my characters are very pleased about that too, considering I left them hanging in the middle of a scene when I had to go off to edit another book. Poor Benjamin might be suffering from blue balls. LOL

Anyway, this week's teaser is from Scores and I'm sure the scene describes itself. Enjoy.


"You've been such a good girl, Beauty." He spoke in a low gravelly tone. "I'm so proud of all you've done, of your progress in the last three months."
He pulled the pin out of her hair, tossing it on the table. The mass of thick black curls tumbled around her shoulders and back. With his fingers, he combed the strands out, massaging her scalp gently as he went along.
Lust sparked to life in her belly.
"From the first time I saw you at Bar Atlantic, I knew you'd make a beautiful student." Warm, long fingers brushed her nape. Drawing in air into suddenly tight lungs, she let her lashes flutter shut.
"Tutoring you in the art of submission has been such a joy." The quality of his voice—so deep, seductive, intoxicating. At times like this, his South African drawl filtered through.
His left hand stroked her knee and lower thigh but never travelled to where she needed him most. The combination of his words and his touch kept her on edge. And she was supposed to keep still?
Oh God! She struggled to regulate her rapid, shallow breathing.
"Look at me," he whispered, warm air prickling her sensitive neck.
Her eyes flew open. Heat and openness gleamed in his grey eyes, snatching her breath away.
"Having you bend to my whim and knowing that you haven't lost the fire in your eyes, knowing that you've discovered an even greater zest for life makes all the ups and downs worthwhile."
Her heart swelled as she listened to his words. It hadn't been easy arriving at where they were but it had been largely due to his perseverance and patience that they'd made it. Her heart swelled with emotion, tears clogged her eyes.
"Thank you, Benjamin, for teaching me," she said through the choke in her throat.
He brushed his lips against her forehead. When he lifted his head, he had a wicked grin on his face.
"It has always been a pleasure," the tone of his voice was sinfully arousing, promising so much. "Now it is time for you to move on to the next step."
"Next step?" Her curiosity spiked along with her apprehension. What did he mean by that? She'd thought they'd found a happy equilibrium at this point. He obviously didn’t think so.
"Yes, you are ready. Stand for me."
Body slightly quivering with excitement, she manoeuvred herself to do his bidding. Nearly stumbling on her high heels, he held on to her thighs stopping her from falling over, his touch branding her flesh. She straightened, holding her body still, waiting.
"Go and stand by the railing facing the water."
She did as he instructed with her heart pounding in her chest.
"Hold on to the top bar."
Puffing out breaths to calm her body, she wrapped her fingers on the round black cold metal.
"Spread your legs wide."
She was about to turn her head.
"No. No matter what happens, don't look back."

Copyright Kiru Taye 2014


I hope you enjoyed it. What do you think Ben has in store for Selina. Leave me a comment.

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