Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Suddenly all was right with the world #MidWeekTease SCORES #MWTease #asmsg

Welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by Sandra Bunino in which we share teasers from our work-in-progress or published book.

This week I'm sharing a teaser from my current work-in-progress. Fans of the Passion Shields series will be glad that I've started writing book 3, Scores. This is the final instalment of the Benjamin and Selina Moss story journey.

Here is a draft blurb:
His love possesses her. Will it protect her too?

Benjamin Moss has proven how much he cares about his wife Selina. She pushed him to shred his iron control and bare his soul to her. In return he's earned her much guarded heart as well as her body.

But her past has finally caught up with her and scores will have to be settled before they can have a happy ending. Can Benjamin's love protect her from those who seek to destroy both of them? Or will she finally lose the man who's possessed her body as well as her heart?

In this scene, you'll meet Noni (from Sex Tape) and Lora (from Secrets). And it seems Selina finally has a handle on the whole obedience thing. LOL. 

I wrote this last night so forgive any errors. It is unedited. Enjoy.

"Here, let me get you another drink," Lora said. "And then we're getting on the dance floor. I'm not having you mope around for the rest of the night. We're meant to be having fun not behaving like old women."
Noni giggled. "I don't know about the two of you but I'm far from being old."
"Yeah and that's why you've been on diet coke all night long." Lora snickered.
"If I tell you something, promise to keep it a secret."
"Come on then."
Selina and Lora leaned towards Noni.
"I think I'm pregnant."
"You think?"
"I'm doing the test tonight. I was waiting for Juan to get home before I did it. I didn't want to find out alone."
"Wow, that's exciting!"
"And romantic!"
"I know."
They all clutched hands in excitement.
"You have to tell us as soon as you find out."
"Erm." Noni cleared her throat. "I think Juan and I will be celebrating if it's good news. So how about I call Lina tomorrow and she can tell you, Lora."
"Of course." Lora laughed and stood to head to the bar. "So a mojito for Lina and diet coke for you, Noni."
"Yes," Selina replied.
The back of her neck prickled. She flicked her gaze to the men. Benjamin's stormy grey eyes held her in its thrall. Even with the distance between them and revelry going on around them, his censure whipped her mind. Guilt pelted her body with heat.
Two mojitos was her limit considering she'd also had a glass of wine before they left home. She was already at the limit with a gentle alcoholic buzz.
"Lora, just get me a small bottle of water." She raised her voice so Lora could hear above the music and chatter. "I'll need it if we're dancing."
With an almost imperceptible nod of his head, Benjamin's eyes gleamed his approval. And suddenly all was right with the world.

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