Friday, 22 November 2013

The One Where I Am Thankfully Naughty

Close Encounters With The Night King
Welcome to the Thankfully Naughty Giveaway Hop hosted by Natasha Blackthorne and Close Encounters. In this hop, we're celebrating being thankful in a naughty way.

Over here, I'd like to introduce you to two of my sexily naughtiest characters at the moment, Benjamin and Selina Moss. Their story is one of emotional self-discovery and healing as well as sexual adventure. It is told in 3 parts--Scars (Passion Shields, book 1), Secrets (Passion Shields, book 2) and concludes in Scores (Passion Shields, book 3, coming Jan 2014).

I'm going to share an exclusive excerpt with you all. (You won't read it anywhere else apart from in the book, Secrets).  Selina is eager to have some contact with Benjamin. When he finally lets her, she is naughtily grateful. I hope you enjoy this.


Placing the cigar on the marble ash tray with one hand, he leaned forward, the other arm outstretched, palm open and upward. Opening her mouth, she allowed the paddle to drop into his hand.

"What's the paddle for, Selina?" he asked, his tone amused.

"You said I was going to be punished."

"I said? And why should you be punished?"

"I've been bad, Benjamin. I disobeyed our rules and ended up burning my arm. I have no rights to mark my body without your permission."

"Yes, your body is mine. And you've earned this punishment. But you don't get to decide how I punish you, Selina. Do you understand why?"

"Yes, Benjamin."

"Tell me."

"On play days, I have no decision-making powers, except the choice to participate or not. If I choose to participate, I'm simply to let go and obey, trusting that you know the best for me."

"Good girl."

He put the paddle on the table beside him and picked up the cigar again. He took several puffs, the smoke curling upward, marking the air with his presence. She knelt there content and happy to finally be with him after they'd spent the whole day apart.

There was something calming about watching him smoke, although she didn't like the fact that he did. She was a pharmacist who worked in a busy London hospital. She'd seen the effect of smoking on patients. But she accepted it as a quirk of his. And prayed that there was no damaging effect on his body. There were cases of smokers who didn't contract lung cancer. She hoped her husband would fall into that category.

They stayed like that for several minutes. She forgot about the world around them, only reminded occasionally by the odd hoot of a car horn or rumbling of a train on the tracks. The shadows deepened. Soon the only light was from the smoldering ash at the tip of his cigar and the light filtering through the curtains from a dimmed lamp in the bedroom. Benjamin must have turned it on when he'd gone into the bedroom to collect the cushion.

Returning the cigar to the ash tray, he shifted in his chair.

"Unbuckle my belt," he said.

Glad for an opportunity to touch him, she rushed to do his bidding. Her hands trembled as she grabbed the metal buckle and unclipped the leather belt from it. She held each end in her hands.

"Now the fly, unzip it."

She stared at his fly. The bulge beneath appeared huge, and her eyes rounded. While she'd had some relief today, she knew Benjamin had an iron clad control and only ever climaxed when he wanted, which was usually while he was inside her.

She placed her hands on his thighs, the muscles beneath toned and hard.

"No hands, Lina. Use your mouth."

No hands? She raised her gaze and saw his eyes glittering with a quiet amusement. He nodded. Leaning in, she used her lips to move the flap of fabric covering the zipper. The metal was hard between her teeth as she tugged it.

Perspiration coated her back. She sucked in shallow rapid breaths. The woody tobacco scent of him filled her nostrils increasing her arousal. The gritty sound of the zipper coming undone increased her anticipation.

Eventually she got it lowered. Beneath his black boxer briefs were stretched.

She looked up again and licked her lips. He'd said no hands, so it would be difficult to get to his erection without his help. However, he hadn't told her to do anything else. So she waited.

He lifted his right hand from the arm of the chair and slid it inside his trousers. When his hand came out it was wrapped around his shaft. She was so eager to get it in her mouth; she looked up at him again.

With a nod of approval from him, she leaned in, flicking her tongue out around the smooth tip.


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