Sunday, 18 August 2013

Welcome to #SexySnippets from Secrets

Welcome to the new home of the Passion Shields series by Kiru Taye. This where to come to get the latest news and your fix from the new series.

For today I'm sharing a sexy snippet from Secrets book 2 of the series as I continue to work on completing it. In this scene Selina is in Ben's study following his instructions via speaker phone while he's at work. It's longer than 7 sentences but I hope you enjoy it.

"In the bottom right hand drawer of the desk, there's a small bag. Go and retrieve it."
Immediately she walked around the desk and bent to open the drawer.
"There's nothing more beautiful than your ass exposed to me like that, except your pussy. But I'll get to that in a moment."
A shocked gasp escaped her lips. He could see her! She lifted her head.
"Be still, beauty. I want to look at your lovely plump behind."
She remained bent over, her hands now propped on the desk top, shaking with both excitement and fear.

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